About Us

Family Owned and Operated

There are 5 of us in our family, Darrin, myself and three girls in their mid 20's. It often takes all of us to get through a busy RV renting weekend. We have always enjoyed camping and love meeting people who like to camp as well or who are trying it out for the first time! 

We live on a farm that's been in Darrin's family for 80 plus years. We grow many varieties of Cherries and Apples. Our 3 girls have spent hours in the orchard learning nearly every aspect of the hard and rewarding life. They also sell much of the fruit at local farmer's markets during the season. 

As with many farms, we've been known to have a farm animal or two which currently include chickens, ducks and farm cats.  

In our life experiences we've discovered, like most of you, that life can be painfully short. We have chosen to live every moment like it's our last. Cherish family and friends and laugh... LOTS. Camping is a fabulous way to build some of those life long memories.

The photo on the right is from a camping trip when they were young.

Meet The Team


Darrin is the mastermind behind keeping everything running smoothly! Between fixing things, efficiently backing the trailers up with pretty much both eyes closed, or letting his daughters know they aren't doing a good enough job. We honestly couldn't do what we do without him!


Shari really keeps everybody in line! When you call to book a trailer, you will hear her bright and bubbly personality answering the phone! She will answer all your questions and do everything she can to ensure your stay is everything you want it to be!


Courtney is Darrin and Shari's oldest daughter who handles most of the reservations. If you email, she is the one responding and answering your questions too! It really is a family run business!